Helping authors prepare for publication, realize their potential, and

make writer’s block a thing of the past.

The publishing industry doesn’t have to be terrifying. We are, after all, in the business of telling stories. Who doesn’t like a good story?

Feel Safe

As a writer, it can feel vulnerable and nerve-wracking to show your work to someone—especially to an editor! This will be a safe relationship where your strengths as a writer will be noticed and opportunities for growth will make sense. We’re going to honor and love both you and your manuscript through the process.

Move Past Doubts

You’ve got a dream inside you that can become a reality. Whether your manuscript is a hefty final draft or just an idea, we can get it to the next level together. Maybe you’re halfway through your draft and stumped, or your secondary character feels one dimensional. All writing issues have a solution and can be worked out.

Know What to Expect

It’s agonizing to give your work to someone and sit around anxiously waiting for their feedback. Once we have a timeline established, you will have a clear understanding of how long each cycle of edits will take. Most clients are surprised by how quickly the process can move. You get to set the pace as we work together.

                 Why Work With Cynthia Merrill?

Stories connect, shape, and inspire us. Your story, or the story you long to write, matters.

But the publishing industry feels mysterious and impossible to navigate sometimes. It can be intimidating, and without the right support, many valuable stories will go untold. Writers who could offer exactly what someone needs to hear instead get overwhelmed by uncertainty.

As a writer myself, I constantly face the same doubts, insecurities, and setbacks as my clients. Writing is not for the faint of heart! You are putting a piece of yourself on the page, offering readers a glimpse of your soul. It is a strangely intimate experience to invite readers into that place, and not everyone can handle the beauty of that vulnerability.

You, dear writer, have what it takes. You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t.

“After working with Cynthia, I received positive and personalized responses from 70% of the same literary agents who previously form rejected me. I’m incredibly happy with the results I achieved with her help!”

- Sierra L.

How Does It Work?
First, I need to know a little about you and your project to make sure we’re a good fit. What genre is your novel? What are some of your biggest concerns right now? What do you hope to accomplish by working together? Reach out to me by clicking on any of the “Get Started” buttons on this page and filling out a brief form with your information. I review most messages in just a few days and will let you know if I can offer you what you need. We will establish a revision plan to get your project from where it is to where you want it to be. Our plan will last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on your needs.
How Much Does It Cost?
By working alone, you miss out on partnering with someone who will see the absolute best in your writing. Spellcheck will not be able to tell you if that amazing scene you’ve crafted will fit better three chapters later. Or if that frustrating plot hole is actually the key for the main character’s transformation. Without proper encouragement, your story will collect dust in your mind, notebook, or computer and never to fully reach its stunning conclusion. You owe it to yourself and the story to see this through.
Each manuscript and revision plan has a price as unique as the project. While some services have a fixed price, most services are priced depending on the length of the manuscript and the type of work needed. In the form below, you can specify if you’re working with a budget, and I’ll show you what fits within that amount.
About Cynthia

I’m an editor by profession and a writer by nature.

My mission is to guide you through the writing and publishing process and make it as encouraging and successful as possible. I believe that the world heals and grows through stories, and there are many writers who don’t know they have something pivotal to share. To this day, I am still cheering on writers I worked with years ago, watching their successes with excitement.

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